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The WSI Lifecycle is Your All-In-One Internet Solutions Package

Our people and our approach are what make us different from other Internet marketers. The WSI Lifecycle is a six-stage, results-oriented strategy we use for clients around the world and when you partner with us you’ll discover its power.

We use the philosophy of the Lifecycle to create custom-tailored plans that grow and evolve with your business. Small companies, medium-sized businesses and large corporations that operate in multiple countries, will all benefit from our cutting-edge approach and we can develop an entirely new digital strategy or enhance your existing one.

What is the WSI Lifecycle?

The Lifecycle is our six steps to success strategy and it includes all of our digital marketing services. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Discovery

      In order to for us to best understand your company’s Internet marketing and the current state of your business, we first discover your company’s “e-profile.” This will help us answer important questions such as what is or is not working with your current Internet marketing strategy? How well are your digital campaigns performing? Who are your customers and is your strategy effective in reaching them? These are just some of the essential questions we seek to answer in this exploratory phase.

    • Internet Business Analysis (IBA)

      The IBA provides you with a “big picture” view of how our Internet marketing and other digital solutions can specifically benefit your company. While taking your budget into account we determine which of our services will benefit your business the most and we then work with you to establish clear goals for the future growth of your company.

    • Build

      This phase involves taking a close look at your existing web assets (if any) then developing a custom-tailored plan to establish an effective Internet presence. Ultimately, you want your company’s website to be user-friendly, easy to read and free of clutter. Our web designers work with you to develop a clean, professional website that serves as an interactive portal to your business.

    • Implement

      All of the planning and strategizing comes together in this phase. Our plans are put into action and your campaign goes “live,” with WSI there to support you every step of the way. We thoroughly test each phase of your campaign before it goes live and our involvement most definitely does not end at the implementation phase.

    • Measure

      Measurement is necessary to gauge efficiency and deliver the optimal results. We use advanced web analytics tools to monitor your campaign and identify which components are performing the best and driving the best results. This is the stage where we determine if our strategies are helping you achieve your business goals.

    • Manage Results

      This is where we analyze the campaign results against the benchmarks we established in the beginning of the process. We do this so we can answer important questions like are the results measuring up? What can we do differently? Are there aspects of our strategy that need to be improved upon? What other approaches might yield better results?

Please contact us for more information about how the WSI Lifecycle process can take your company to new heights. Our digital marketing tactics have proven successful and we look forward to hearing from you.