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Aging Gracefully Partners with Win Marketing Group “WINM” For Website Development and Marketing Program

Win Marketing Group “WINM” announces their recent partnership with Aging Gracefully, to launch their platform for the issues of senior citizens across the country. The new web platform is meant to be informational for seniors of all ages and backgrounds and will provide valuable links to senior services across New Jersey. WINM designed the website and digital strategy for Aging Gracefully to provide an information rich website, increase web presence rankings, and implement a digital brand marketing program for the organization. Their new website can be viewed at https://aginggracefully.org

Aging Gracefully is a news-based website to assist seniors with all types of life from lifestyle, health, travel, elder law, and even a little healthy gossip about your favorite senior celebrities. Aging Gracefully is your one-stop shop to stay informed and make the most of your golden years. Aging gracefully emphasizes topics that are relevant to senior life and dedicate themselves to keeping seniors educated.

WINM Marketing Program For Aging Gracefully
Winm was excited to create and implement a website, as well SEO operations for increased traffic. Extensive research was done to understand what topics are the most relevant and helpful to seniors, as well as make the website completely user-friendly.

As a result of Detailed Search Term analysis across the U.S., WINM created SEO-optimized page content catering to the topics most in demand by seniors. These topics included but were not limited to

Senior Lifestyle




Elder Law

The marketing program that WINM has implemented for Aging Gracefully includes organic Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, and Google advertising. WINM’s SEO Program will also produce quality blogs and social media content to syndicate on external web properties and other WINM proprietary content distribution platforms.

Call WINM for a Digital Branding Overview
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