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Control Products Inc. Retains Win Marketing “WINM” For Third Year of B2B Digital Marketing Program

WINM, the world’s largest internet marketing company, announces it has renewed its partnership with Control Products Inc. (https://www.cpi-nj.com). CPI is a manufacturer of switch and sensor products sold throughout the world. CPI designs and manufactures LVDT based Linear Position Sensors, Thermal Switches, and Waterproof Momentary Switches. CPI’s products are made in the USA for over 50 years and serve hundreds of Industrial and military companies in thousands of heavy duty field applications.

WINM was contracted to completely redesign the sprawling CPI website using a WordPress and Woo-Commerce solution to present over 500 products in over 20 different switch and sensor categories. WINM was selected because of the stunning increase in leads and business opportunities brought in the first two years of work.

“In the first year our organic traffic was up 120% on WINM’s program, so we decided to let WINM redo our website. After launch of the website in the second year, we saw another 50% increase in online leads from the site owing to the better conversion rate of the new content written by WINM, the responsive design and the overall site layout.” says Mac Stuhler, Vice President of CPI

WINM has provided B2B marketing services, by using its unique knowledge of how to write and position technical content for CPI’s target audience. With a program that includes blogging, social media, video, and graphic design WINM produces visual content in all the right places, producing the kind of work that both humans and search engines respond to.

For further details on WINM’s capabilities and strategies around SEO, SEM, Paid Search, and online marketing opportunities in general, please contact us for a free consultation.