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Local Search – Attract Local Customers

If your business depends, in whole or in part, on local customers, you need locally focused internet marketing solutions.  Our team has a track record of success doing this for a diverse array of business types, in highly competitive industries.  Whether you work in a service based business or a product based retail environment, internet awareness in the local market has to be a focus. It’s where 98% of people will go to seek out a local business.

Some local business may be constrained by needing people to come to their location, like doctors, dentists, and lawyers. In other cases they may be interested in selling their wares online and are concerned about the ability to drive traffic to their website.

Simplify Your Local Search Marketing with programs from The WIN Marketing Group

local search nj

Actually, it is as complicated as it looks!

Local searches are search engine queries incorporating “geographical keywords” such as “Los Angeles,” “Berlin” or “Sycamore Street.” The combination of these geo-keywords with other relevant keyword phrases for your business make up the entire keyword phrase for a local search. “Seafood restaurants in Toledo” is one example, and it makes sense for you to appear on the results page of such a search if you happen to be a seafood restaurant in Toledo, Ohio. What makes up your local online marketing plan? And why is a local focus important to your business?

Here are two advantages to consider:

Extremely Targeted Audience:

Local searches represent a targeted audience, and even more so than more generic search engine queries.

Higher Search Engine Rank:

It’s tough to appear near or at the top of the list for “seafood restaurants.” But appearing near the top for “seafood restaurants in Toledo” is a much more achievable goal. Generally, the more specific you can get your keyword phrases, the better chance you have of being found and ranking high, and a local search is no exception.

Our programs are tailored to your budget and to your priorities. If you have your own time to contribute to the cause, we can work with that by training you on how to do many things yourself. That’s how we roll, your success is our success, however we get there.

Contact us today to learn more about our local search services.