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Pay-Per-Click 5-Step Plan

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an investment, and just like any other, it has to pay for itself. PPC is enormously powerful. You only advertise to people who are looking for what you have right now, and you only pay when they respond by clicking through to your website. The price is determined by an ongoing real-time bidding process that is based on true market values.

WSI’s 5-Step Plan for Pay-Per-Click

Step 1: Create an informative webpage

  • Ensure there is a call-to-action

Step 2: Generate a list of keywords

  • Keywords that potential buyers would search
  • Identify your negative keyword list
  • Identify broad and exact matches phrases

Step 3: Build your campaign

  • Research bid prices on Google
  • Write your Google AdWords advertisements

Step 4: Monitor your results

  • Split test ads against each other to achieve higher click through rates

Step 5: Improve your performance

  • Rewrite ads to improve click through rates
  • Optimize landing pages to improve conversion rates
  • Improve you ROI by adjusting bid prices